Herbal Medical Institute (HMI) was established in 2010 and created the original "Dragon" brands for the emerging Colorado medical marijuana market. Our Dragon Caviar, Dragon Oil, and Dragon Elixirs quickly became patient favorites, and HMI quickly became a patient friendly resource; visiting dispensaries, talking to folks on the phone, and helping people (many of which had never used cannabis) experience our products to their benefit without feeling anxious or fearful - after all, cannabis is the safest, most effective, most versatile medicine known to man! And some of the results we have witnessed over the past seven years are nothing short of miraculous! Check out the testimonials!

Today, HMI/DRAGON Originals serves hundreds of medical and recreational dispensaries, which in turn provide Dragon products to thousands of people. Our mission is to provide premium quality products at a fair price for both recreational cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients. DRAGON Original products are still hand-crafted with loving care using our signature hash oils. We use honey, not processed sugar in our elixirs, we use 99% pure CBD crystal, not Glycol fillers in our oils, and we use nothing but top-shelf premium flower, oil and kief in our famous Dragon Caviar.

DRAGON Original products are the real deal and always unconditionally guaranteed. Ask for DRAGON Original products at your favorite dispensary!

deep tissue topical cream

dragon caviar

An amazing mixture of THC/CBD's, ionic minerals and natural ingrediants such as Mangosteen and Goji Berry.

dragon cbd crystals

Top shelf, strain specific bud, soaked in hash oil and rolled in premium keif.

All- natural, deep tissue, CBD and THC pain relief cream.

dragon oils

Our products

Ethanol extracted hash oil~ Great for vaping, dabbing, or ingesting!   

dragon elixers

about us

100% non-synthetic, pure CBD. No toxins, additives, fillers, stabilizers, or GMO’s!